Status Check: Passports

Industry: Public Sector
Function: Customer Service

A German city administration accepts applications for new passports. The actual passport creation does not happen on site, but at a nationwide agency (Bundesdruckerei). The employees of the city administration monitor the status and timely processing of all local applications via a municipal software. When the passport is ready, the citizen is informed via e-mail.

The manual monitoring of applications and notification of applicants is very time-consuming and requires enormous resources in the municipal administration.

Servicetrace software robots scan the list of open passport applications daily and check the processing status in the municipal software.

If the deadline is exceeded, they report it to the respective person in charge. Once the passport has been printed, they automatically inform the applicant via e-mail.

Saving time:
through automated monitoring of and informing about the status

Customer satisfaction:
immediate and transparent information about the processing status

Quality improvement:
errors and missed deadlines are immediately escalated to the clerk in charge

Maintaining HR Master Data

Industry: Public Sector
Function: HR

The employees of the HR department of a municipal administration enter information from manually or digitally completed personnel questionnaires in the HR master data of the internal HR system.

The transfer of data consumes a lot of time for HR employees and is prone to errors. In addition, the protection of personnel data is jeopardized by this manual process.

Servicetrace software robots automate the entire process.

The robots read the information from the electronically or manually completed questionnaires and enter the data into the HR system.

They operate in a protected session that cannot be viewed by anyone, which greatly increases data protection.

data protection is guaranteed

Increased quality:
through faster and error-free collection of personnel data

Higher employee satisfaction:
due to elimination of this administrative work

Migrating Mass Data

Industry: Public Sector
Function: IT

A German city administration wants to transfer its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from an old to a new system. The project is under time pressure and suffers from a lack of IT resources, as it is supposed to run over the Christmas season. Historical data from the last three years with approx.
150,000 lines per year have to be processed for the data transfer.

The project must be completed within the given time frame, but the high volume of data makes it impossible to do this manually with the given resources.

Automating the process, Servicetrace software robots read the historical data from the old system and automatically prepare it for migration to the new system. This process takes place in the background in Excel and the computer can still be used as usual during this time.

Successful migration within schedule

100% error-free results:
all data can be migrated without problem

Cost savings:
preparation of data records without the need of any external IT support