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Global competition demands continuous innovation, especially in the digital sector. Software is constantly enhanced, improved and extended to adapt to dynamic business models and processes.

New releases and software updates are daily business – and every change is a risk to ongoing IT operations. If non-functional or faulty software is delivered to companies and departments, high error and follow-up costs arise due to productive downtime, customer complaints and necessary software redesign.

Comprehensive software tests prior to going live ensure that quality-tested software is safely transferred into operation.

Cost trap software test?

Software updates are being developed at increasingly rapid intervals and applications are becoming more and more complex. As a result, test frequency, test volume and test scope increase – and the workload for software QA increases. The enormous amount of necessary software tests keeps test teams busy, but also software developers and key users from the departments who test new software before their colleagues work with it.

Two cost risks arise here. First of all, the software tests themselves consume more and more resources and thus money. Secondly, people make mistakes, especially under high workload and time pressure – which leads to poorly executed tests, incorrectly delivered software, and thus follow-up costs.

Automated software testing with software robots

Run software robots from Servicetrace as digital testers to cut testing costs. Servicetrace software robots operate software on the graphical user interface (GUI) just like human users: they identify content on the screen, click elements and enter characters. This enables software robots to perform any GUI test automatically – accelerated, around the clock and error-free.


The Servicetrace Software Robot...


...identifies images, patterns and characters...


...performs mouse clicks...


...enters keystrokes...


...measures response times for every transaction...


...and executes any GUI test automatically

Automating the most important acceptance tests

GUI tests – i.e. tests on the user interface or from the user's perspective – are essential for the safe transfer of a software into productive operation. With Servicetrace Software Robots you can automate GUI tests quickly and easily.


Functional Test

checks the software against the customer's requirements


Integration Test

ensures smooth interaction with the overall system in a production-like test environment


Performance Test

measures the response times of the software


Load Test

Observes the behavior of the software during expected or massive parallel user access

GUI Test Automation: the benefits


Cost efficiency

Accelerated and error-free test execution around the clock effectively reduces costs


High quality

Standardization and automation result in excellent test quality


Test documentation

Audit-proof documentation of all test runs and test results


Discover Workflow Studio for Test Automation for 30 days. With video tutorials and live training.

Test Automation: easy, fast, transparent

With the Servicetrace Workflow Studio, you can create test cases in no time at all using drag & drop and intelligent wizards.

Intuitive dashboard showing an overview of all test run results – including drilldown function to access detailed information on each test run.

Audit ahead? Every test run and every result is automatically documented. Step by step.

Why Test Automation with Servicetrace? Unique features


Intelligent recognition

One test tool for all applications: Servicetrace software robots operate any graphical user interface (GUI) without exception.

No Code Solution: easy and fast design and customization of robot workflows.

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Secure operation in shielded sessions for absolute protection of sensitive data and processes.

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Cost-efficient scaling through parallel sessions on one end device or virtual machine.

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Test Automation: seamless Jira integration

Test Management meets Test Automation: Integrate Servicetrace Test Automation into Atlassian Jira with a few clicks. Manage and automate tests on one platform.

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