Maximum security in process automation

Servicetrace has been developing solutions for reliable process automation since 2004. We design safety end-to-end, along the entire value chain. This begins with product manufacturing. Even during software development, we consider relevant safety principles. As a software robotics manufacturer “made in Germany”, we also develop our software in a country with the world’s highest security and data protection standards.

Unique to Servicetrace is our multi-patented security technology Secure Session. Independent market analysts such as Forrester and Gartner have confirmed the high security standards of this technology. Servicetrace repeatedly receives top ratings for security.

All our products are designed for enterprise-level use. This includes an extraordinarily high level of security. And, of course, you can also manage this security transparently, centrally, and compliantly.

Automate securely with patented technology “made in Germany”.

Secure Automation

“Servicetrace’s product delivers a secure environment for running automation. Services run on a user’s desktop or hidden in the background. The entire environment (...) is secured by strong encryption. For customers focused on operating highly secure, scalable environments, this is a key differentiator.”

Gartner Magic Quadrant for RPA, September 2020

Extremely Reliable Automation with Servicetrace

Numerous security functions enable you to implement process automation safely, protect data, and manage all aspects of security.


Secure Software Development

During the development process, we check security mechanisms and address the greatest current security risks as defined by OWASP.


Identification & Authentication

Every user and every activity must be authenticated and authorized from a central location (access and authorization control).

End-to-End Data Protection

Servicetrace protects and encrypts digital data in every state: data at rest, data in motion, and data in use.


Role-Based Access Control

Servicetrace products have a tightly controlled role-based access and authorization concept.


Monitoring & Reporting

With Servicetrace, automation is transparent, controllable, and traceable. We offer comprehensive capabilities for logging, monitoring, and reporting.

Availability & Failover

Our products fit seamlessly into the existing recovery/availability infrastructure. Failure scenarios can be managed at an early stage with emergency alerts.

Security Concept X1

Secure management of process automation company-wide. Download the whitepaper now and discover many benefits for your business.

What is Servicetrace’s secure session technology?

Patented security for additional protection

Two main aspects are decisive for security in process automation: access protection and data protection. The Secure Session technology, which has been awarded multiple patents, offers a high level of additional protection in both areas.

To prevent unauthorized persons from accessing or spying on sensitive data during the process flow, Secure Sessions run as invisible desktop sessions (dark processing). The automatically executed process is not visible or accessible on the screen at any time. The Secure Session forms an access-protected “shell” around the process execution, so to speak.

This extremely strong access and viewing protection prevents unauthorized access and bot manipulation. No one can access the executed session. The auto-shutdown function immediately detects any attempt at unauthorized access and terminates the executed session.

"As a public service we process sovereign tasks, among others. So we definitely need an access-secure solution that meets data protection requirements".

Jens Hübel, City of Frankfurt/Germany, Servicetrace customer

Four Benefits of Secure Session Technology

Secure Session technology has four integrated security features that provide organizations with automated and unparalleled data and access protection.

1. Privacy & dark processing

Secure Session is like an additional security envelope around the executed automation. The hidden, invisible Windows session runs under a separate user account.

2. Access protection & auto-shutdown

Unauthorized users can not access the secure session. The auto-shutdown function detects any unauthorized access attempts and immediately terminates the executed session.

3. Strong data encryption

All required data is stored centrally with 256-bit encryption. The data transfer from the server to the software robot is encrypted via HTTPS and additionally with 2048-bit encryption.

4. Principle of forgetting

The software bot, which executes the process within a secure session, does not store any data. The bot only retrieves the encrypted data from the server in the instant it needs it – and then immediately “forgets”.

Servicetrace receives Top2 rating for security from 18 RPA providers examined worldwide.

Gartner Critical Capabilities Report, September 2020