Easy Automation Design

Drag, drop, automate

We develop software robotics solutions with the ambition to make the automation of digital processes as easy as possible for our users – and to delight them with fast results.

No-code: automate easily and fast

We transform software robotics into business-ready solutions: Every Windows user should be able to automate processes. This means: No coding, just clicking. All Servicetrace solutions offer innovative technologies for intuitive automation design.

Whether with drag & drop or record & play: the no-code approach enables our customers from IT and business to automate digital processes quickly on their own. Advantage: Your Competence Centre is located in-house – you do not need to buy in expensive experts and you have full control over the design and development of your automation landscape.

Easy Automation

No Code Automation - Your Benefits


After an introductory training you can automate on your own – there are no follow-up costs due to extensive consulting.


The simple drag & drop automation design enables a rapid go live with immediately visible results.


Software or process updates? Digital environments constantly change – adjust automation with just a few clicks.


Intuitive automation empowers and excites IT and business users – ensuring broad acceptance across all departments.

Design Studio: Drag & Drop to Automation

All Servicetrace solutions include the Workflow or Design Studio, which greatly simplifies the automation of digital processes. On an intuitive user interface, you create the automations as a graphical sequence (workflow), which you then pass on to the software robots for execution. Simple to use, but powerful in its range of functions: even complex processes can be automated quickly and easily.

Video Automation Design

No code, just clicks: Process Automation for Business Users

The Studio consists of a toolbox and a workspace. The toolbox contains the action steps for the software robot. The workflow that the software robot is to execute is created on the workspace.

With simple drag & drop actions, you move the “Action Steps” from the toolbox to the workspace to build the workflow for the software robot step by step.

As soon as you add an action step to the workflow, a wizard opens to help you configure the step (here: Image Search; the software robot has to detect content on the screen).

You test the finished workflow with the debugging function. Should the workflow run into an error, a screenshot with a detailed error analysis is provided and you can fix the problem immediately with pinpoint precision.

You assign the tested workflow to a software robot, define the execution interval and set it productive with a few clicks – your automation is running.

Process Recorder: Simply capture automation

The Process Recorder integrated into the X1 RPA platform simplifies and accelerates automation design again considerably.

It couldn’t be simpler: you simply click through the process to be automated. The X1 Process Recorder records your steps on the screen 1:1 and automatically creates the click path documentation, the appropriate process model in BPMN 2.0 and the workflows for the software robots. In a matter of seconds.

Read more about self-building workflows and the “automate-the-automation” concept:

X1 Process Recorder