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Start using resources efficiently: Energy transition and digitalization are forward-looking synergies. Implement software robots from Servicetrace: With RPA for energy supplies, today’s energy suppliers create capacities for tomorrow.

RPA is an essential building block for digital transformation in any industry. We have compiled a selection of RPA use cases for Energy & Utilities from our customer projects. Gain an overview of the diverse applications of software robots and the positive effects for every business.

More Speed

Software robots carry out tasks quickly and tirelessly  thus accelerating your processes.

Higher Quality

The virtual employees work precisely and error-free – and you can look forward to excellent results.

Increased Satisfaction

The digital colleagues take care of annoying routine jobs – making your employees happy.


Industry: Energy & Utilities
Function: Backoffice/Procurement

A municipal energy provider compares all incoming payment reminders from suppliers with existing invoices on a monthly basis. If there is no corresponding invoice for a reminder, the supplier is informed.

The undemanding, monotonous task of reconciling payment reminders with their respective invoices takes up half a working day each month of a qualified employee in the back office.

A Servicetrace software robot automatically matches payment reminders and invoices: the digital employee opens existing reminders in SAP/R3 and copies invoice number, amount, currency, and supplier number.

It then uses the available information in SAP Vendor Information Management (VIM Analytics) to search for suitable existing documents and invoices.

If no corresponding document exists, the software robot informs the supplier via e-mail – and documents the process in SAP.

Timely processing:
the software robot checks incoming payment reminders immediately

Reduced effort:
the software robot processes about 80% of the required comparisons end-to-end

Satisfied employees:
the automation eliminates annoying routine tasks


Industry: Energy & Utilities
Function: Customer Service

A German energy supplier scans its customers’ meter reading cards using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and provides the extracted information as a structured data set. The customer service staff transfers the data to SAP so that billing can take place for each customer and meter.

The employees have to enter the meter readings into SAP immediately and accurately so that the invoices can be created quickly as well as correctly. With 8,000 meters a year, each with a processing time of 3 minutes, an enormous volume of work adds up – this costs money and takes valuable time from employees. Moreover, this monotonous work is also prone to errors.

Classic “Swivel Chair Automation”, i.e. a simple data transfer from one system to another:

Servicetrace software robots take the meter readings from the data record and automatically transfer them to SAP, which then creates invoices for each customer or meter.

High process quality:
no input errors due to automatic transfer of data

Completion in due time:
due to the shorter processing time, invoices are delivered to the customers in a timely manner

Reduction of working hours:
employees gain 400 working hours per year


Industry: Energy & Utilities
Function: Customer Service

A German energy supplier receives about 14,000 applications for changes to installment payments per year. Customer service employees enter these requests manually into SAP and first check whether the requested change is within the defined limit and, in the next step, if the customer still has overdue payments outstanding. Only then can they inform the customer of the result.

The customer service employees have to carefully review the requested changes for admissibility before accepting or rejecting them. This must be done without mistakes and immediately, but takes a lot of time for the employees to do. Each request needs about 5 minutes to process.

Servicetrace software robots process all incoming requests automatically.

They record them in SAP and examine the agreed upon installment limit for the meter as well as any open payments.

If the change requested is permissible, the software robots send a change confirmation to the customer. If the request is inadmissible, the software robots inform the person responsible, who can then contact the customer.

Improve quality:
no mistakes can occur during automated comparison of information

Satisfied customers
thanks to the accelerated processing of applications

Free up capacity:
1,100 hours saved per year can be used for value-adding work


Industry: Energy Supplies
Function: Procurement

The purchasing department of a European energy group transfers more than 20 key performance indicators (KPIs) from SAP to a reporting Excel file each day to keep track of the warehouse and order stock.

This monotonous copy & paste task takes up one hour of the responsible employee’s working time every day.

Instead of the employee, a software robot now does the task.

It logs into SAP, reads out the daily KPIs, and transfers them to a new tab in the Excel reporting file – precisely, quickly, and error-free.

Saving time:
the software robot finishes the process within 7 minutes – and the employee has gained 1 hour of time for more value-adding tasks

100% quality:
software robots work error-free

Employee satisfaction:
employees are freed from monotonous routine tasks


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