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In the lab, speed, precision, and transparency are the things that count – and digital assistants work quickly, accurately, and reliably. Implement software robots from Servicetrace in your company: With RPA for pharma & life sciences, you gain time for challenging projects and thus accelerate research and development.

RPA is an essential building block for digital transformation in any industry. We have compiled a selection of RPA use cases in the pharma & life sciences industry from our customer projects. Gain an overview of the diverse applications of software robots and the positive effects for every business.

More Speed

Software robots carry out tasks quickly and tirelessly  thus accelerating your processes.

Higher Quality

The virtual employees work precisely and error-free – and you can look forward to excellent results.

Increased Satisfaction

The digital colleagues take care of annoying routine jobs – making your employees happy.


Industry: Pharma
Function: Customer Service/Sales

An international pharmaceutical group sells its products on a large online marketplace. Since its competitors are also present on this platform, customers can easily compare article prices.

In order to be able to compete, employees must monitor the prices of a large number of competitors’ products, which is not only a very monotonous but also a very time-consuming activity.

Servicetrace software robots automate this process.

They read the EAN numbers of the products from an Excel file, search for them in the online marketplace, extract their current price, and compare it with the one in the Excel list. If the prices differ, the digital employees update them automatically.

Higher employee satisfaction:
employees get freed from monotonous activities

Process quality:
the long list is updated reliably and without errors

High time savings:
through automation of the entire process


Industry: Life Sciences
Function: Procurement

A German city administration wants to transfer its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from an old to a new system. The project is under time pressure and suffers from a lack of IT resources, as it is supposed to run over the Christmas season. Historical data from the last three years with approx.
150,000 lines per year have to be processed for the data transfer.

The project must be completed within the given time frame, but the high volume of data makes it impossible to do this manually with the given resources.

For each supplier whose mail address is not known, Servicetrace software robots search for invoices stored in SAP xFlow and scan the PDF files for the sender’s e-mail address.

They assign the found data to the respective suppliers in an Excel spreadsheet. After a manual check of the Excel by purchasing staff, the software robots transfer the mail addresses into the supplier database.

Fast and flexible automation
of an extensive project with scarce capacities

Time savings of approx. 5-10 minutes per supplier:
400-800 working hours in total, that employees can use for other tasks

Error-free data transfer and assignment


Industry: Pharma & Life Science
Function: Procurement

The purchasing department of a German pharmaceutical manufacturer has to process almost 5,000 orders per month. This involves a lot of manual work: In order to generate a purchase order from the departments’ purchase requisitions, the procurement staff has to collect data from several systems.

The creation of a single purchase order takes about 15 minutes. According to the current order volume – and the trend is rising – the processing time thus adds up to over 1,200 working hours per month. This means a massive capacity commitment of the employees, who are clearly overqualified for this undemanding task.

Servicetrace software robots take over and accelerate the process:

They scan SAP for incoming purchase requisitions, pull information about the ordering department from the CRM, compare the data from the requisition to the quotation, and create the purchase order in SAP using preconfigured standard text blocks.

The process from receipt of the purchase requisition to the finished order now takes only 3 minutes – and runs 24/7.

Increase speed:
software robots process cases immediately – and 80% faster

Improve quality:
software robots do not make mistakes

Unlock capacities:
employees gain time for more demanding tasks


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