RPA for IT & Telecoms

Agile development. Optimal performance. True digital transformation.

Smart services, lean infrastructures, satisfied users: All of this means a lot of work for IT and telecommunications providers. Employ digital assistants, free qualified employees from time-consuming routine tasks, and accelerate your time-to-solution with RPA for IT & telecommunications.

We have compiled a selection of RPA use cases for IT & telecommunications from our customer projects. Gain an overview of the diverse applications of software robots and the positive effects for every business.

More Speed

Software robots carry out tasks quickly and tirelessly  thus accelerating your processes.

Higher Quality

The virtual employees work precisely and error-free – and you can look forward to excellent results.

Increased satisfaction

The digital colleagues take care of annoying routine jobs – making your employees happy.


Industry: IT/Services
Function: Purchasing

The purchasing department of a large government IT service provider has to handle time-consuming, monotonous standard processes on a daily basis. This includes, for example, the handling of purchasing requests which are generated at several locations in SAP and which the department has to check and process. One employee needs around 15 minutes of work per purchase request.

The growing volume of work is overwhelming the workforce: Thousands of cases are still open and must be dealt with on time.

The IT service provider has automated the processing of the purchase requests. Servicetrace software robots log into SAP/R3, search the system for new purchase requests and examine these based on predefined criteria.

They enter incorrect requests into an Excel table. After successfully verifying the purchase requests, the software robots assign them to their corresponding purchasing group and document the process in SAP.

Faster processing:
now only 5 min/purchase requisition

More output:
100 processed requisitions/day

More satisfaction:
The robots free the employees from an annoying, monotonous task


Industry: Insurance
Function: Customer Service

The clerks of one of the biggest German insurance companies with around 2 million customers process an enormous volume of time-bound requests every day. The insured customers communicate via various channels and submit e.g. contract changes or cancellations by fax, e-mail, via the form in the digital customer portal, or written by hand.

The high amount of work with scarce employee resources and peak loads at the end of the year leads to overtime, frustration, and mistakes. The relatively large amount of typical routine issues leaves little time for handling more complex claims.

The solution automates the processing of the incoming mail and the handling of standard requests. A combined solution of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) semantically evaluates all data from (scanned) letters, faxes and digitally incoming customer requests.

All standard requests are forwarded to a software robot (RPA) for an automated, case-closing dark processing. Only the more complex cases, which require human judgement, are dispatched to the responsible clerk.

Less stress for the clerks:
more time for complex tasks, and a dialogue with customers

Error-free and timely processing of standard requests:
thereby fewer second and third requests

~ 50% end-to-end dark processing:
i.e. fully automated, case-closing processing of customer requests


Industry: Insurance
Function: HR

The onboarding process for new employees involve extensive administrative tasks for a growing insurance company: HR employees enter all relevant data for new personnel access via Citrix into SAP; IT provides the necessary hardware, applications, accounts, and authorizations, and then sends a reports to the future team leader.

Each new employee costs HR and IT around 160 minutes of administrative “onboarding time”. With approx. 800 new hires per year and an upward trend, these routine tasks require an increasing amount of valuable time of the employees.

Servicetrace software robots completely automate the process.

As soon as the form completed by the new hire is available and validated by the HR manager, the digital workers read its data and enter it into the internal systems.

In the next step, they create the necessary authorizations for the employee, install relevant software on their computer, and send a report to the employee’s manager.

Process quality:
100% stable and transparent automation

Satisfied employees:
with more time for more important tasks

Saving time:
over 5,300 hours per year


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