RPA for IT

Accelerate Digitalization with Virtual Employees.

Every company only runs as well as its IT. Leave high-volume routine tasks in development and operation to virtual employees. With RPA in IT, your IT professionals gain time for complex tasks – and you maximize the performance of your digital environment.

RPA is an essential building block for cross-departmental digital transformation. We have compiled a selection of RPA use cases in the IT department from our customer projects. Gain an overview of the diverse applications of software robots and the positive effects for every business.

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More Speed

Software robots carry out tasks quickly and tirelessly  thus accelerating your processes.

Higher Quality

The virtual employees work precisely and error-free – and you can look forward to excellent results.

Increased Satisfaction

The digital colleagues take care of annoying routine jobs – making your employees happy.

Software Testing

Industry: Inspection Companies
Function: IT

The application landscape of a German inspection company is changing constantly: New releases and  updates of business critical applications are happening on a daily basis. The company’s internal testing unit checks new or modified software for their flawless functionality before their going live and thus ensures a smooth transition for ongoing IT operations.

Due to release cycles getting ever more agile, the changes are made at ever shorter intervals – this results in an enormous workload and increasing resource consumption for the software testers.

The inspection company now employs Servicetrace software robots as digital software testers.

The virtual colleagues test software on the graphical user interface – just like a human employee, but much faster, around the clock, and error-free. This enables the company to test more software in less time at lower cost.

The burden on the software QA staff is reduced and the IT landscape remains
stable and always up-to-date.

More tests in less time, higher test coverage

Error-free execution of standardized test cases

Employee satisfaction:
Software robots take over monotonous routine tests

Migrating Mass Data

Industry: Public Sector
Function: IT

A German city administration wants to transfer its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from an old to a new system. The project is under time pressure and suffers from a lack of IT resources, as it is supposed to run over the Christmas season. Historical data from the last three years with approx.
150,000 lines per year have to be processed for the data transfer.

The project must be completed within the given time frame, but the high volume of data makes it impossible to do this manually with the given resources.

Automating the process, Servicetrace software robots read the historical data from the old system and automatically prepare it for migration to the new system. This process takes place in the background in Excel and the computer can still be used as usual during this time.

Successful migration within schedule

100% error-free results:
all data can be migrated without problem

Cost savings:
preparation of data records without the need of any external IT support

Managing Passwords

Industry: Telecommunication/ IT
Function: IT

The employees of a global IT service provider manage SAP systems for its customers. Every 90 days, they have to change the passwords for a total of 3,600 accounts in the various customer systems. Otherwise, the account will be locked.

The manual password change costs the support staff around 130 hours per quarter. This monotonous task is prone to errors and consumes valuable time for the employees for more focused work at the help desk.

Servicetrace software robots automatically change customer passwords. The robots receive the current customer password in a KeePass file by e-mail. With it, they log in to SAP to generate and safe a new password there. This new password is then documented in a new KeePass file, which they send back to the customer by e-mail.

Error-free and timely processing:
no accidental locking of accounts

Saving time:
for more value-adding tasks at the help desk

Higher employee satisfaction:
the monotonous task is eliminated


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