RPA for HR & Back-Office

Automate administration tasks. Gain more time for projects and people.

Numerous routine tasks in daily business in human resources hold enormous automation potential. With RPA in HR & back office, you employ digital employees in administration – and gain time for the people and projects in your company.

We have compiled a selection of RPA use cases in the HR & back office departments from our customer projects. Gain an overview of the diverse applications of software robots and the positive effects for every business.

rpa hr backoffice

More Speed

Software robots carry out tasks quickly and tirelessly  thus accelerating your processes.

Higher Quality

The virtual employees work precisely and error-free – and you can look forward to excellent results.

Increased Satisfaction

The digital colleagues take care of annoying routine jobs – making your employees happy.

Onboarding new employees

Industry: Insurance
Function: HR

The onboarding process for new employees involve extensive administrative tasks for a growing insurance company: HR employees enter all relevant data for new personnel access via Citrix into SAP; IT provides the necessary hardware, applications, accounts, and authorizations, and then sends a reports to the future team leader.

Each new employee costs HR and IT around 160 minutes of administrative “onboarding time”. With approx. 800 new hires per year and an upward trend, these routine tasks require an increasing amount of valuable time of the employees.

Servicetrace software robots completely automate the process.

As soon as the form completed by the new hire is available and validated by the HR manager, the digital workers read its data and enter it into the internal systems.

In the next step, they create the necessary authorizations for the employee, install relevant software on their computer, and send a report to the employee’s manager.

Process quality:
100% stable and transparent automation

Satisfied employees:
with more time for more important tasks

Saving time:
over 5,300 hours per year

Migrating Insurance Locations

Industry: Insurance
Function: Administration/Back Office

A large German property insurance company with around 3.5 million customers would like to be able to better evaluate existing contracts by referring to the respective insurance locations with regard to risk capital, reinsurance conditions, and reporting requirements.

The insurance locations that define the geographical scope of the insurance coverage for the insured object are available as a list in Excel and have to be transferred to the inventory system for each individual contract.

An automated migration of the information to the insurance locations into the new inventory system. Servicetrace software robots select the relevant data from the Excel file, open the inventory system, search for the correct insurance number and enter or supplement the insurance locations for each existing contract quickly and error-free.

Low effort in comparison to manual data transfer

Significantly faster, error-free migration:
no copy-paste errors

Quick and accurate reassessment of existing contracts

Managing Employee Trainings

Industry: Logistics
Function: HR

An international logistics company plans and conducts trainings for its employees. The personnel department handles the entire process from preparation to post-processing. The HR employees have to send invitations, complete registrations, provide training materials, coordinate the availability of instructors,
participants and premises, and issue certificates after successful participation.

The processing of these trainings represents a high administrative effort and costs HR employees a lot of time, which they should be able to use for value-adding work instead.

Servicetrace software robots completely automate the process.

They automatically send invitations and register acceptances as well as cancellations, coordinate appointments and rooms and automatically transfer certificates at the successful completion of the training.

Employee satisfaction:
quick reaction to change requests

Quality improvement:
complete and error-free data

Time savings:
HR employees have more time for value-adding work through automation of processes

Maintaining Master Data

Industry: Public Sector
Function: HR

The employees of the HR department of a municipal administration enter information from manually or digitally completed personnel questionnaires in the HR master data of the internal HR system.

The transfer of data consumes a lot of time for HR employees and is prone to errors. In addition, the protection of personnel data is jeopardized by this manual process.

Servicetrace software robots automate the entire process.

The robots read the information from the electronically or manually completed questionnaires and enter the data into the HR system.

They operate in a protected session that cannot be viewed by anyone, which greatly increases data protection.

data protection is guaranteed

Increased quality:
through faster and error-free collection of personnel data

Higher employee satisfaction:
due to elimination of this administrative work


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