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Intelligent Recognition

OCR and Image Recognition are Key Factors for Successful RPA Implementation

Pictures are more often than expected part of a business process. For many RPA products, however, the recognition of images and text or characters (OCR) is a challenge. Companies should therefore check how well an RPA product handles these functions. Otherwise, the possibilities, success and scalability of their RPA activities are significantly limited.

Most RPA products treat image recognition & OCR as a “special case”. XceleratorOne from Servicetrace is not. Because the patented image recognition and OCR technology is integrated in our product – at no extra cost.

In this whitepaper you will learn how…

  • the technology solves the “black box problem”
  • Intelligent Recognition understands images and text
  • you can meet the challenges of image recognition, OCR and virtualization

Download the whitepaper now and discover many benefits for your business.

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