Setting up Weaving Machines

Industry: Manufacturing
Function: Production

An international textile manufacturer operates 20 different types of machines for the production of individual orders. For the configuration of each machine type, the textile samples available as CAD drawings have to be converted into machine-interpretable CNC code.

The manual configuration of each single production order with 45,000 different textile patterns currently available for the various types of machines is very labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Servicetrace software robots automate the preparatory set-up of the weaving machines: When they receive an order, they search for the material master records in SAP and extract the corresponding CAD drawings.
They then convert them into the appropriate CNC format for configuring the selected machine type.

More flexible production planning:
all machines can be used at any time

Significant increase of the time-to-market:
due to faster set-up time

Less administration:
more employee satisfaction

Monitoring Flight Data

Industry: Transport/Logistics
Function: Logistics

At an airport, only two employees plan the loading of time-critical goods (e.g. blood transfusions). They have to monitor data, including the current flight data, on 4-5 screens per workstation in order to ensure a rapid transport even in the event of flight schedule changes. On average, they process 50 orders per day.

The employees need to be able to concentrate on their core business so that the goods can be loaded on time and without errors despite a high time pressure, scarce resources, and short-term changes.

Servicetrace software robots check incoming mails and create corresponding orders in the system (new creation, cancellation, change).

Servicetrace software robots check the current flight data every ten minutes and report deviations to the dispatcher.

Employees can concentrate on their core task of loading goods

Faster reaction and processing times guarantee a timely delivery of the goods

Higher customer satisfaction through better customer service