Editing Purchase Requests

Industry: IT/Services
Function: Purchasing

The purchasing department of a large government IT service provider has to handle time-consuming, monotonous standard processes on a daily basis. This includes, for example, the handling of purchasing requisitions which are generated at several locations in SAP and which the department has to check
and process. One employee needs around 15 minutes of work per purchase requisition.

The growing volume of work is overwhelming the workforce: Thousands of cases are still open and must be dealt with on time.

The IT service provider has automated the processing of the purchase requisitions. Servicetrace software robots log into SAP/R3, search the system for new purchase requisitions and examine these based on predefined criteria.

They enter incorrect requisitions into an Excel table. After successfully verifying the purchase requisitions, the software robots assign them to their corresponding purchasing group and document the process in SAP.

Faster processing:
now only 5 min/purchase requisition

More output:
100 processed requisitions/day

More satisfaction:
The robots free the employees from an annoying, monotonous task

RPA in B2B Information Logistics

Industry: Telecommunications/IT
Function: Customer Service

An information logistics and consulting company researches public tenders in 336 sources with the help of around 23 employees and filters the results, for example, according to trades and regions. Customers are informed of relevant orders in line with their stored search profile.

More and more open tenders generate a growing volume of data that the core workforce can no longer handle. In the event of peak loads, temporary help gets hired.

Servicetrace software robots scan public tender portals for previously defined keywords. They extract information such as customer, order description etc. from the tenders found and store them in the company‘s own tender portal.

approx. 800 researched tenders/day

Relief for employees

Managing a growing data volume with consistent resources

Managing Passwords

Industry: Telecommunication/IT
Function: IT

The employees of a global IT service provider manage SAP systems for its customers. Every 90 days, they have to change the passwords for a total of 3,600 accounts in the various customer systems. Otherwise, the account will be locked.

The manual password change costs the support staff around 130 hours per quarter. This monotonous task is prone to errors and consumes valuable time for the employees for more focused work at the help desk.

Servicetrace software robots automatically change customer passwords. The robots receive the current customer password in a KeePass file by e-mail. With it, they log in to SAP to generate and safe a new password there. This new password is then documented in a new KeePass file, which they send back to
the customer by e-mail.

Error-free and timely processing:
no accidental locking of accounts

Saving time:
for more value-adding tasks at the help desk

Higher employee satisfaction:
the monotonous task is eliminated