Automation makes you agile! Just a few years ago, key users in CENIT AG’s specialist departments manually tested every finished in-house development: an error-prone process with high expenditure of time and personnel. With the use of Servicetrace software robots, this work is now carried out fast, error-free and resource-saving – continuously after each build.

As a globally active software and consulting company, CENIT AG develops its own software for the most important business areas Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). CENIT AG does not have an independent software testing unit. For a long time, the CENIT business units therefore took over quality assurance for every new software provided by CENIT development. Key users manually tested each use case for functionality and performance – a job that took a lot of time and manpower. Not only resource consumption and error costs had a negative impact, the documentation and feedback of the test results to the development department was also very slow.

This changed when software robots from Servicetrace took over the job. Unlike human employees, the digital colleagues are made for this work: they test any software directly on the graphical user interface, with never-ending perseverance and concentration. They test more, faster and absolutely error-free – and at an very early stage: Already during the developing phase, after each iteration they check the software for possible regressions and report the test results directly to the developers. If, for example, the current build provides poorer response times for a particular transaction, the developers know this immediately, can quickly identify the cause – and optimize performance in the next build.

Significant increase in test volume, error-free, objective and transparent test results, continuous testing while developing – thanks to test automation from Servicetrace, software development at CENIT can work more agilely today – and with optimum use of resources.

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