Change? No problem! Automated regression tests at DEKRA SE

Germany’s largest testing company provides safety in traffic, at work and at home in 75 branches and a total of more than 500 of its own locations with vehicle tests, expert opinions and certifications. When it comes to testing specialist automotive applications, everything remains “in the green” as well – thanks to efficient automation.

All core processes of DEKRA Automobil GmbH run in a decentralised network with numerous applications.

As Germany’s largest inspection company and also the third largest in the world, DEKRA stands for a safe world in the key areas of work, home and transport – including services for motor vehicles.

The experts at DEKRA Automobil GmbH work for 13,300 clients in a mixed environment at numerous branches and branch offices, so that general inspections, accident and damage reports or used vehicle assessments can be carried out smoothly throughout the year across the whole country.

DEKRA’s 45,000 employees access a wide variety of software applications in their day-to-day business – from on-premise systems such as SAP, hosted in the Stuttgart datacenter to applications developed in-house and decentralized third-party software such as Audatex, DAT, FSD and many more.

End-to-end regression testing: quality assurance after changes

Updates over and over again: Every change is a potential threat to the live environment.

Components of the application landscape are constantly changing: new releases, service packs and updates for commercial on-premise software, bespoke developments or third-party services are the order of the day – and present a potential risk for the entire ‘production system’ of DEKRA Automobil GmbH, so the auditing company plays it safe with rigorous quality controls.

In Stuttgart, the DEKRA Test Factory simulates the production environment of the automotive IT landscape and proactively regressions tests the functions and performance of the entire system after changes, such as a new software build or updates from third-party providers. Only when the end-to-end test is completed successfully is the change released into the live system.

Test automation: More quality and higher efficiency

These user acceptance tests can tie up a huge amount of resource, on the one hand, because frequent and regular changes necessitate it and on the other hand because all the functionality relevant for live operation must be tested across several systems. In order to increase speed, quality and test coverage, DEKRA Test Factory decided to introduce a test automation solution as a building block for quality assurance. Digital testers not only work much faster and with absolute accuracy – the automation also ensures a high level of standardization and reproducibility of the test scenarios.

Simply faster: Servicetrace Test Automation


What convinced the management team to choose Servicetrace was the intuitive, fast, drag & drop creation of cross-system and cross-application test cases:

“This is really the only tool with which we can carry out complex tests in all applications. We can map all essential functionalities from the user’s point of view, across all processes and interfaces to third-party vendors,” says Katharina Hauch, head of the Test Factory, explaining her decision in favor of long-term cooperation with the software robotics provider from Darmstadt.