What are the Features & Benefits of Robotic Process Automation with X1®?

X1 Features For Successful Enterprise RPA

While others are still working on automating tasks with RPA, Servicetrace has introduced the most innovative platform for Enterprise Process Automation. The XceleratorOne® (X1) platform is designed to manage your global enterprise-wide RPA ecosystem using a single platform for all projects, stakeholders, bots and lifecycle phases.

On this page, you will find some examples of X1 features that help you to get the most out of your automation journey!


X1 allows to manage all RPA bots within an enterprise (no matter from which vendor!)

How can you manage your complex bot landscape strategically and efficiently? Highly digitized organizations are probably already using multiple RPA bots from different vendors. The X1 platform manages all kinds of RPA bots to increase transparency and simplify management decisions. It also optimizes, and fully exploits, existing bot resources and investments.


The new personal workspace My X1 is also available as a mobile app

With X1, organizations can easily manage multi-disciplinary RPA teams worldwide, as well as bots in multiple time zones. The new personal workspace, My X1, is now tailored to each user by offering detailed, individual information on the projects and processes the user has been working on.

In a simple and clear manner, My X1 helps users to manage their goals, workload and tasks in real time. The new Mobile App, which will soon be available in the respective App stores, provides user access to their user tasks – anytime, anywhere.

Watch the X1 App video


X1 offers profitability calculations

Break-even analysis is now available for RPA. Hence, Servicetrace empowers organizations to calculate when their automation investment is delivering ROI. This is the point where the profit and benefit threshold is reached. From this point onwards, automatic implementation will be more cost-effective than manual implementation. The new net profit analysis allows you to calculate the net profit you will achieve on the back of the automation.


Easily connect X1 with Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning components

Due to multiple new interfaces, you can easily connect X1 with AI components like NLP. New manifold interfaces make the connection of AI components very easy. And even without AI, X1 is ready for smart decisions and truly intelligent recognition.

The integrated Business Process Engine of X1 enables you to set scheduled decisions within a process. For example, users can set a stopwatch for process steps that require a human decision – and if the person in charge doesn’t take a decision within a specified time frame, the Process Engine will follow an alternatively defined process. This reduces delays in the process flow and contributes to the stability of the automation.

Our new AI-based text and character recognition (Optical Character Recognition) offers intelligent recognition in extraordinarily high quality. X1 recognizes content, even in poor renderings, both correctly and quickly.


Fully exploit existing RPA investments and optimize bot utilization

By optimizing bot utilization, organizations are able to make the best possible use of their existing bot capacities, with the aim of saving resources and reducing costs. Additionally, a new procedure has been introduced which avoids bot sessions having to be reserved. The X1 bots take as many execution processes as there are sessions available and process them to optimize the utilization.

Execution plans and deployment maps help you to easily analyze and keep track of automation KPIs. For example, the number and utilization of licensed sessions and bots, capacity utilization of the hardware, number and overview of executed processes and configurations.

PROCESS RECORDER (to support Process Mining)

Automate up to 10x faster with our new process recorder

The X1 process recorder automatically creates the BPMN process models, click path and process documentation and scales the RPA backlog. To pinpoint untapped RPA potential, organizations need to identify suitable large scale processes. The X1 Process Recorder massively speeds up this process as it is easy to use, records all user actions and automatically creates a BPMN 2.0 process model. It additionally includes the click path documentation!

The X1 Process Recorder also supports and simplifies the use of process mining. The recorder always creates an XES file which can be easily imported into process mining tools to analyze processes and user behavior for optimization.