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For continuous delivery of high quality applications

Global competition requires continuous innovation, especially in the digital sector. Software updates are developed in ever faster, agile sprints. Traditional, manual software testing cannot keep up with this pace and quickly forms a bottleneck for continuous software delivery.

Particularly time-consuming and cost-intensive are the GUI tests prior to acceptance into the production environment, which must ensure the functionality and performance of the new release from the user’s point of view.

Under time pressure, many errors also occur here – and software quality drops to a business-damagingly low level with high error and follow-up costs.


Reduce test costs, accelerate test runtimes and increase test coverage and test quality with test automation. Servicetrace Test Automation (TA) uses technologically advanced software robotics technology to test any software on the GUI against functionality and performance from the user’s perspective – even under load.

Test Automation with Software Robots

Use software robots from Servicetrace as digital testers. Servicetrace software robots operate software on the graphical user interface (GUI), just like human users: They identify content on the screen, click on elements and enter characters. This enables the software robots to execute any GUI test automatically – accelerated, 24/7 and error-free.


The Servicetrace Software Robot…


...recognizes images, patterns and characters on the screen...


...performs mouse clicks...


... enters keystrokes ...


...measures response times...

...and executes every GUI test automatically.

GUI tests – i.e. tests on the user interface or from the user’s perspective – are essential for a secure transfer of software into productive operation. With Servicetrace Software Robots, you can automate GUI tests easily, quickly, and flexibly.

GUI Test Automation: Your benefits


Cost efficiency

The accelerated and error-free 24/7 test execution effectively reduces costs.


High Quality

Standardization and automation generate excellent test and software quality.



Revision- and audit-proof documentation of all test runs and test results.

Servicetrace Test Automation: supported test types


Functional test

Tests software against functional requirements from the business units.


Perfomance test

measures the response times of the software on transaction level.


Load test

observes the behavior of the software in case of expected or massive parallel user access.

Simply automate the most important acceptance tests

Test automation: easy, fast, transparent

With Servicetrace Workflow Studio, you can create test cases in no time at all using drag & drop and intelligent wizards.

Intuitive dashboard providing an overview of all test results – with drill-down function for detailed information on each test run.

Each test run generates a compact analysis package with screenshots and detailed information about each test step – important feedback for development that enables fast, targeted refactoring.

Why customers opt for Servicetrace Test Automation


No exceptions

One tool for all GUI tests and applications

Patented GUI method

Secure Operation

protects sensitive data and processes

Secure Session

Easy and fast

Automate tests without programming

No code solution

Less Hardware

Parallel automations on one end device

Scale fast

Fully compatible

in test management tools like e.g. Jira

Test Automation for Jira

Servicetrace Test Automation: Seamless Jira Integration

Test Management meets Test Automation: Connect Servicetrace Test Automation to Atlassian Jira with just a few clicks. Manage and automate tests on one platform.

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