End to End Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance from the User's perspective.

End User Experience Monitoring

For top digital performance and a positive user experience.

Business processes in all industries run digitally to a large extent. Your customers expect 24/7 availability of your web store, customer portal or online banking. Your employees need reliable access to SAP, CRM, office or specialist applications for their daily business.

If business-critical IT systems respond slowly, malfunction, or are not available at all, employee productivity and customer satisfaction will decline. Business processes slow down or stagnate, service level agreements between providers and users are not met, and customers switch to the competition. For any company, this means high losses, revenue shortfalls and follow-up costs.


Optimize the availability and performance of your digital environment. Servicetrace Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides detailed 24/7 information on the status of your most important digital services and processes – from the perspective of your employees and customers, at locations worldwide.

End User Monitoring with Software Robots

Servicetrace software robots operate your business-critical applications just like your employees and customers: They identify content on the screen, click on elements, and type characters. This enables software robots to log in to Citrix farms, send emails, perform SAP transactions, access web pages – and thus run through your most important digital processes.


The Servicetrace Software Robot…


...recognizes images, patterns and characters on the screen...


...performs mouse clicks...


... enters keystrokes ...


... measures response times for every transaction ...


...in locations worldwide.

The key: unlike human users, the software robots work around the clock, at locations distributed around the world, and measure the response times for each individual transaction down to the millisecond. How fast does your web store load? Are your cloud applications available? How long does it take to log in to the customer portal? Servicetrace software robots provide essential and reliable data for your IT service management.

Who benefits from End User Experience Monitoring?

Application Performance: Discover, Optimize, Report

Servicetrace APM Dashboard provides a real-time overview of the status of your most important applications at worldwide locations – with drill-down to detailed information.

Servicetrace APM Alerting alerts critical performance values to service managers – and provides a powerful analysis package for quick troubleshooting.

Servicetrace APM Reporting automatically creates and sends SLA reports for your service level management – service level monitoring for transparent and traceable billing of delivered IT services.

Free Webcast: Digital Experience Monitoring

Discover a powerful software robotics technology for synthetic E2E monitoring.

Why customers choose Servicetrace E2E Monitoring


No exceptions

One monitoring tool for all applications

Patented GUI technology

Secure Operation

protects sensitive data and processes

Secure Session

Easy and fast

E2E Monitoring without programming

No Code Solution

Less Hardware

Parallel monitoring sessions on one end device

Scale fast

Fully compatible

with APM systems such as Dynatrace, Splunk, SCOM ...

E2E for APM

Connect E2E Monitoring to your APM system with just a few clicks

Extend your existing application performance management with Servicetrace end-to-end monitoring to include the user perspective and gain an all-round view of your digital landscape. Use the fast and easy connection via GatewayOne and send E2E measurement data to APM solutions like Dynatrace, Splunk or SCOM.

End User Experience at its best

Discover the combination of real user and synthetic monitoring.

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