X1® Release 2020: Increase Your RPA Efficiency

Get ahead with fast start to the New Year by automating even more efficiently with the new X1 Release 2020. Many new features simplify and accelerate the creation of automated processes. With new, clear analytics dashboards, you can keep an eye on the value added by your automations, as well as utilization rates, at all times. Release 2020 will be available in January – now in five languages. Let’s automate!

The 4 biggest benefits of the new X1 Release 2020 at a glance:

⭐ Higher quality. The User Tasks action step has been completely redesigned, so you can now call in Subject Matter Experts for specific tasks or process steps, for example, when exception handling is necessary. In just a few steps and clicks, you grant the necessary authorization and determine which decisions the user is allowed to make and what they can view and edit.

⭐ Improved standardization and efficiency – through re-usable workflows, such as, for example, a frequently required workflow for a SAP login. This standard workflow then serves as a reference, which can be integrated into other processes and re-used as required. If changes to this standard workflow are necessary, this can be done centrally with just a few clicks – a real efficiency booster.

⭐ Even more security by linking X1 to your company’s Active Directory. This simplifies and standardizes user administration and identity management.

⭐ New Analytics dashboards for your profit, bot and automation analysis.