Servicetrace software bots provide powerful desktop recognition capabilities for robust automation via the graphical user interface (GUI). Pattern Search, for example, enables the modelling of complex use cases such as the simultaneous search of multiple patterns or alternative executions of the automation workflow depending on the previously identified pattern (Pattern Select). The 2021.1 release of our Software Robotics Solutions for Application Performance Monitoring and Test Automation significantly simplifies and accelerates the Pattern Search configuration and management.

So many search patterns – so easy to manage

Having hundreds of automation workflows across a wide range of applications in production, the number of search patterns that need to be recognised soon becomes huge and hard to keep track of. The update to the new version 2021.1 now integrates the new Global Pattern Gallery feature. This enables our customers to manage and use search patterns dynamically, flexibly and conveniently.

Central pattern storage: Global Pattern Gallery

The Global Pattern Gallery is a new central storage for search patterns used for the Pattern Search and Pattern Select action steps. All search patterns in the Global Pattern Gallery are stored in the server repository and are available to all users within a system tenant.

Servicetrace users build automation workflows using an intuitive low-code approach in Workflow Studio. From here, they can access the Global Pattern Gallery directly.

Global Pattern Gallery with Pattern Groups

Organize the flood of images: Pattern Groups

Within the Global Pattern Gallery, search patterns can be grouped into “Pattern Groups”, containing for example different representations of a desktop icon for web browsers or a group of all possible login buttons that can be found (see figure above).

The clustering in Pattern Groups and the search function in the Global Pattern Gallery both simplify and accelerate the search for specific patterns to be used in automation workflows.

Global Pattern Gallery: Quickly find required search patterns

New Pattern Groups can be created and edited either directly in the Global Pattern Gallery for all users in the client or via the local Pattern Gallery of a workflow.

Creating a local pattern group in the Pattern Gallery Wizard

Pattern Groups can be downloaded from the Global Pattern Gallery, edited locally and made available to all users via upload to the Global Pattern Gallery.

Uploading a local Pattern Group to the Global Pattern Gallery

User privileges for creating, deleting or editing the Global Pattern Gallery are defined on the server side in User Management to ensure controlled access by authorized users only.

Global Pattern Gallery: Administration of privileges in the User Management section

Configuring and managing pattern searches: Pattern Gallery Wizard

In the Workflow Initialization section of an automation workflow, the search patterns used in the workflow are stored in the Action Step Pattern Gallery.

Organizing and managing the search patterns is done in the Pattern Gallery Wizard: Here, new search patterns can either be recorded, downloaded from or uploaded to the Global Pattern Gallery. Also, existing search patterns can be assigned to local pattern groups by simple select, copy and move actions.

Pattern Gallery Wizard: Record, select and move patterns

Pattern Gallery Wizard: Overview of applicable pattern groups

Convenient Change Management: Linking Pattern Groups

Within an automation workflow, the Pattern Search and Pattern Select action steps access the search patterns defined in the local Pattern Gallery. Using the Search Pattern Wizard, one or several single patterns can be recorded or selected from the Pattern Gallery.

Search Pattern Wizard: Adding single search patterns

With the 2021.1 release, not only single patterns but also entire local Pattern Groups can be assigned to the Pattern Search.

Search Pattern Wizard: Linking Pattern Groups

This new feature enables convenient and accelerated bulk editing of workflows: If a new pattern is added to a local Pattern Group or an existing one is re-recorded, these changes are applied to all Search Pattern action steps linked to this Pattern Group. Time-consuming adjustment for every single Pattern Search action step is a thing of the past!

See the new Global Pattern Gallery feature explained step by step in the product video:

The feedback from our customers is the driving force behind our roadmap and the further development of our Software Robotic Solutions. The release 2021.1, which will be launched in a few days, implements a wide range of feature requests. We are very much looking forward to offering our customers more comfort and more flexibility in daily business by updating to the new version!