The longer and more complex an automated process is, the more important monitoring and control become. Our new RPA release gives you comprehensive new functions for monitoring and RPA governance in January 2021. One highlight in advance: the new bot livestream. It allows you to monitor RPA bots directly at work – RPA live and in color! We have also enhanced our RPA Deployment Map to become a central control center, enabling you to monitor and control your RPA landscape better and more efficiently.

Our XceleratorOne (X1) enterprise RPA platform goes far beyond simple task automation. With X1, you can automate even long, complex processes with RPA. The longer and more complex the automation is, the more relevant high-quality RPA monitoring and governance become. Renowned analysts have recognized our RPA platform X1 for its powerful governance capabilities. With X1, you can control and manage all your RPA projects, users, and bots transparently and centrally. Of course, we continue to defend this top spot for governance solutions – and are launching state-of-the-art functions for even better RPA monitoring and high RPA governance with our new release X1 2021.1.

Good RPA monitoring, good RPA quality

One absolute innovation is our X1 bot livestream, which makes monitoring as easy as watching TV: Directly below the process model in BPMN 2.0, you can follow how the RPA bot executes the process in the livestream – and thus in real time. A small arrow in the process model shows you directly where RPA bot is currently located in the process. By combining the livestream with the process model, you gain full transparency over what the X1 Bot is doing and where it is in the process or workflow execution. In case of an alert or error, you can compare the process model and the bot execution of the workflow directly and easily whenever needed. This massively simplifies and accelerates identification and troubleshooting, while also increasing the level of control of your RPA operation. At the same time, good, proactive monitoring also increases the end quality of your automation.

The new X1 bot livestream is particularly interesting for international processes running in different time zones, because you can create a separate livestream for each time zone and then monitor and control the bot execution of a process in the different time zones in parallel.

The bot livestream also lets you monitor RPA sessions that are protected with our patented Secure Session technology. This acts as a kind of protective shell around the execution of the RPA workflow and the data processed in it. Of course, you can also set permissions for the bot livestream so that it cannot be viewed by any unauthorized parties.

X1 bot livestream – the benefits:

⭐ Faster error identification and correction

⭐ Better monitoring and control of RPA execution

⭐ High level of transparency through parallel livestreams
(that is, workflow execution in different time zones)

⭐ Better quality control

⭐ Higher quality of RPA execution

RPA Deployment Map as a central RPA control center

The X1 Deployment Map clearly shows the relationships between processes, bots, and configurations in the form of a mind map. With our newly added features in X1 Release 2021.1, the Deployment Map has now become a central RPA control center: You can access and manage processes directly via the deployment map, such as start, pause, and so on.

Servicetrace X1 2021.1 Release-Preview (EN) #3

View in this preview video.: From now on, you can also manage processes with the clearly arranged X1 Deployment Map, turning it into a central RPA control center.

Everything that you could previously do within the process can now also be done directly in the X1 Deployment Map. This simplifies workflows and shortens click paths, because our goal is always to automate efficiently and provide you with a high level of RPA governance.

This feature is especially exciting if you imagine that you need to pause or restart many different processes at once. In this case, you don’t need to access each process individually, but instead can do it directly from the X1 Deployment Map interface with a single click.

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