Robotic solutions specialist Servicetrace has developed the industry’s first RPA platform including lifecycle management. The XceleratorOne solution offers a unique collaboration and management platform for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – for all participants and all project phases. This holistic approach drives the organizational transformation in companies that goes hand in hand with the automation of business processes.

Darmstadt/Germany, March 28, 2019 – Servicetrace, a leading robotic solutions specialist, today announced the release of a new version of its XceleratorOne (X1) RPA platform, the only one of its kind in the industry. X1 is the most comprehensive collaboration and management platform for RPA and offers integrated, unique lifecycle management. This enables organizations of all types and sizes to successfully implement and centrally manage their RPA projects across all phases of the project lifecycle.

With the X1 platform, Servicetrace pursues the goal of supporting companies in the necessary organizational transformation with regard to digitization and automation. After an intensive trial period in which Servicetrace Business Consulting accompanied selected customers during the introduction of X1, the multi-tenant platform is now available to all.

Our holistic and innovative RPA approach has been well-received and is already leading the automation industry.

Servicetrace CEO Markus Duus

Collaboration and project management capabilities offer RPA at a new level

“The digital transformation must be implemented in a sustainable and structured way. This requires solutions that also support organizational change by enabling employees to collaborate on automation projects. That was precisely our motivation. On the one hand, with X1 we make process automation accessible to all participants in an organization, on the other hand, companies can manage automation centrally and transparently with X1. With X1, we offer our customers RPA with guaranteed success,” explains Markus Duus, CEO of Servicetrace GmbH, about the XceleratorOne platform.

With the X1 platform, everyone involved in RPA projects works together transparently, securely and easily – across departments and across the entire company. Responsibilities and authorizations can be easily assigned and managed.

Lifecycle Management and Business Process Modeling in BPMN 2.0

The first step in the RPA lifecycle of X1 is to evaluate whether a process is suitable for automation at all and to what extent it is worthwhile. In this way, companies can quickly and easily check the added value of their automation projects and approach their RPA projects in a structured and transparent manner.


Organizations can use various criteria to check (a) whether a process is suitable for automation and (b) what concrete added value it brings. The evaluation phase is presented in a heat map.

Also new is the integration of the business process management standard BPMN 2.0. In this common format, companies can model and document processes directly in the XceleratorOne solution – or import existing process knowledge. Using this process model, the automation process is then designed, tested and put into operation.


First the business process to be automated is modeled in BPMN 2.0 (model left in picture), then the simple drag-and-drop design of the automation process takes place in the integrated X1 Design Studio (right in picture).

X1 fires growth plans of Servicetrace

With the innovative X1 platform, the Darmstadt-based company Servicetrace wants to grow further. “Our holistic and innovative approach will prevail on the market. Currently, our core market is the EMEA region with several worldwide projects. With X1 we will continue to push our expansion course intensively”, explains Servicetrace CEO Markus Duus.

Next Level RPA: X1 2021.1

Discover the brand new release in our live webinar on Feb 12