Pharmaceutical manufacturer relies on Servicetrace RPA in purchasing

A large pharmaceutical manufacturer saves more than 1000 working hours per month with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The automation of the purchase order process with the X1 platform frees up urgently needed capacities in the purchasing department. In addition, it is now also possible to process above-average quantities of purchase requisitions on time. An additional benefit for everyone – including the employees.

The purchasing department of a German pharmaceutical manufacturer has to process almost 5000 orders per month. In order to generate a purchase order from the purchase requisitions of the departments, the purchasers have to manually collect data from several systems or input channels.

Hence, creating an order takes an average of 15 minutes. According to the current order volume – which is constantly rising – the processing time adds up to more than 1200 working hours per month. That means a massive capacity commitment of the employees, who are clearly overqualified for this undemanding activity. The purchasing department was therefore urgently looking for a way to automate the process from order request to order with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). A further goal of automation was to reduce input errors, which repeatedly led to delays and additional work.

Purchase to order: the challenges

  • High resource commitment (>1200 working hours per month, volume tending to rise)
  • Employee dissatisfaction
  • High error rate
  • Fulfillment of compliance requirements

The automated process: To convert the purchase requisition into an order, employees must collect data from five systems or files: SAP, PDF documents, web application (employee directory), database for standard text modules, etc.

With X1 1000 hours less working time per month, 80% faster processing

For automation, the pharmaceutical manufacturer opted for the X1 solution from Servicetrace. The result was a pleasure for the management as well as for the purchasing staff, who were relieved of a monotonous, error-prone activity: Instead of 15 minutes per purchase requisition, the process needs only three minutes after automation – and can now be executed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This corresponds to a faster processing time of 80% and means more than 1000 working hours less for the purchasing staff. Time that now flows into value-added work.

Improve quality, scalability and compliance with X1

The company also achieved significant results in quality, scalability and compliance. The X1 solution automates plausibility checks and rule-based corrections to reduce input errors and improve the quality of the order created. As purchase order requirements continue to rise, the pharmaceutical manufacturer is now well prepared: The highly scalable X1 solution can also process large quantities of orders on time without a great deal of additional effort. In addition, automation improves transparency and traceability in purchasing, which significantly improves compliance and auditability.

Robotic Process Automation: Key Benefits


hours less manual work time/month


faster processing time


error minimization


process stability

With X1 an automated procurement process in just 25 days

One of the reasons why the customer chose Servicetrace’s X1 solution was its simple, intuitive use. This is because the company is not dependent on external help or service providers. The purchasing staff largely implemented the automation of the purchase order process themselves – within only 25 days.

X1 makes collaboration easy: With X1, companies can set up interdisciplinary teams quickly and easily and define user role, responsibilities and access rights. All project participants work along all phases with the central X1 platform. This ensures a high level of transparency and project success.

Furthermore, X1 offers a high degree of stability in the execution of automation by means of numerous mechanisms and functions. After only two weeks, the process automation achieved 100% stability.


In a first step, the employees modelled the purchase order process using the process modeling (BPMN 2.0) integrated in X1. Based on this, they can then easily design the automation process and put it into operation.

That’s why the customer chose X1

  • Fast Onboarding: The simple user guidance enabled the purchasing staff to set up the process automation themselves.
  • Independence: The automation is implemented exclusively internally after a short start-up aid – no external service provider is required.
  • Collaboration: Interdisciplinary teams work quickly and easily on the central X1 platform.
  • Lifecycle management: X1 supports all RPA life and project phases, including process evaluation and modeling.