Setting up and industrializing automation company-wide still seems to be a big challenge for companies in 2019. Industry analyst HFS Research states: Only 13% (!) of RPA adopters are able to scale their automation.

The XceleratorOne enterprise automation platform has a unique scaling approach. Unique because it is extremely simple, extremely fast and extremely cost-efficient.

“Most RPA adopters are still tinkering with small projects and piecemeal tasks that involve elements of faulty processes”. This is the finding of HFS Research in the current report “State of Intelligent Automation 2019”. Only 13% of the RPA adopters have industrialized their automation and are able to scale it accordingly if required. A sobering result, if one looks at the RPA experience of several years and the extensive supplier landscape.

An automation platform stands out in a market comparison with a special scaling approach: XceleratorOne (X1) from Servicetrace. X1 is the only RPA platform that relies on vertical scaling and uses a multi-patented technology: X1 Secure Session.

Unique Vertical Scaling: Make the Most of Existing Infrastructure

Typically, RPA solutions provide scaling only over a larger number of robotic machines (horizontal scaling). This is very costly and time-consuming, since companies must configure and switch live a new robot machine for each scaling step.

Using the X1 Secure Sessions, the Enterprise Automation Platform X1 provides more effective scaling that works vertically: Additional X1 Secure Sessions are simply started on existing robot machines. A further advantage is that these parallel running X1 Secure Sessions are even set up fully automatically, without the intervention of an administrator. The result: users save time and money – and can scale their automation quickly and cost-effectively with just a few clicks.

The result: fast and cost-efficient scaling in just a few clicks


X1’s unique scaling approach allows organizations to deliver multiple automation capabilities on demand extremely quickly and affordably. And this on the basis of the existing automation infrastructure, i.e. without additional hardware and software installations. This “needs-based breathing” is unique in the market and enables the internal industrialization of automation.

By the way: X1 guarantees optimum stability – even with scaling

All RPA solutions on the market depend on the basic settings of the Windows desktop used on the robot machine. If these differ from those of the recording session, the stability of the automation is no longer given. The automation quality is therefore dependent on the quality of the configuration of the robot machines. This leads to expensive special solutions.

X1 goes a completely different and simpler way. When the automation is distributed, all X1 Secure Sessions are automatically started with the original recording session setting. A configuration of special robot machines is not necessary. Your advantage: You have optimally configured all robot sessions without any special effort, which then run stable.



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