The user experience (UX) is becoming a business critical factor in digital space. The success of companies increasingly depends on the “user experience” of internal and external customers: a positive user experience correlates with high customer satisfaction and increased productivity. Making the user experience transparent and continuously improving it becomes an important task for IT management.

Customer is king – in a digital world this means: User first! Application Performance Monitoring is intended to provide information on how the web shop performs from Atlanta to Zaire, or whether SAP transactions in the Berlin branch run as smoothly as in Boston. In addition, monitoring should enable IT managers to prevent slow response times or even failures of neuralgic applications or to resolve them as quickly as possible – and thus ensure a continuously optimal user experience for internal and external customers.

An objective and comprehensive determination of the end user experience is an enormous challenge in today’s complex, dynamic and decentralized IT environments. Up to the user’s end device, an application runs through numerous, globally distributed individual components, which are usually supported by various specialized departments or providers. Although the status of the individual components in the service delivery chain is monitored by the provider, the results do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the quality of service provided to users.

Switching the perspectives will help. End user experience monitoring at the service level and from the user’s perspective provides objective values on availability and performance. Common methods are real user monitoring, i.e. monitoring the transactions of real users, and synthetic monitoring, i.e. measuring service quality by simulated users or software robots. The current best-of-breed solution for optimizing the user experience combines component monitoring and real user or synthetic end user experience monitoring.

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