One of the world’s top10 telecommunications groups increases customer satisfaction using the XceleratorOne® (X1) RPA platform from Servicetrace. The automation accelerates the processing of requests from key business customers by 1.5 business days. In addition, X1® frees the local, highly qualified team of experts from many manual hours of work each month. The X1® platform convinced with an almost 100% success rate for this process compared to a competitive solution that was also tested. For technically more complex business customer inquiries, the regional sales team opens a ticket in the CRM system for the responsible technical department. In the past, several technical experts needed half a day in order to check the growing number of incoming tickets and allocate them to the team. The telco group was therefore looking for a way to free the highly loaded and overqualified experts from this task. The company also wanted to protect the process against staff-related absences such as illness in order to ensure that customer service was always provided promptly. “We were able to fully automate all variants of possible requests in this process with only one X1® Bot. With another vendor’s product, the customer only achieved a semi-automated scenario with an allocation success rate of only 80%”. Responsible Project Manager, Servicetrace Servicetrace, in Contrast to the Competition, Enables Fully Automated Task Assignment In an initial attempt to automate this process, only 80 percent of customer inquiries could be assigned correctly in a partially automated manner using an attended bot scenario. This did not even include all possible variants of requests yet. In a second attempt, the team chose the RPA platform XceleratorOne® (X1) from the German RPA developer Servicetrace. The innovative design of the X1 platform enables more holistic and more comprehensive automation than other RPA products can deliver. The X1® bot reads the customer request from the incoming ticket completely independently and compares the found information with a database. It then identifies the use case and independently assigns the request to the responsible solution expert (unattended bot scenario). Automate Task Assignments: Faster Processing Time through Less Administration
  • Better customer service:
    • The service team processes customer inquiries 1.5 business days faster
    • Elimination of waiting times and delays for customers
    • Risk management: Elimination of a critical bottleneck
  • High cost and time savings:
    • 100 manual working hours less per month (at current volume)
    • Relieving highly qualified technical experts from admin tasks
    • Peak management: the bot can also process many parallel customer requests without delay
  • Almost 100% correct assignments:
    • In comparison to competitive solutions, the X1® bot allocates requests fully automatically and 99,8% correctly
In a comparison project with another RPA product, more human interaction (attended bot scenario) was needed with an allocation rate that was only 80% correct.
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