Agile development and continuous deployment of new releases in the departments sounds like a good idea at first. But the business units are overloaded with the necessary acceptance tests. Automating these tests accelerates and optimizes the QA process for new software. And the departments have their hands free for daily business.

Every day, the development department builds new releases to adapt the software to the dynamic changes in business – and every day, business users in the departments test whether the new versions meet the requirements. These acceptance tests are designed to comprehensively test the interaction between software and user – the testers click through every possible path in the application. This takes time. And over time, errors occur: the test quality decreases. The consequences: The QA process consumes too many resources in the business units, and the cost of errors due to inadequately tested software increases.

Test automation can be the solution – it ensures an efficient use of resources and therefore the highest software quality for the telecommunication firm 1&1.