Application Performance for Healthcare

Ensuring high-level digital performance for health insurers and healthcare service providers: IT provider HMM relies on Servicetrace software robots for automated software testing and end-to-end monitoring.

HMM Deutschland GmbH is a provider of digital supply, billing, and payment solutions in the healthcare sector. Its healthcare platform ZHP.X3 and online suite LEOS are Germany’s largest digital platforms for care management in the healthcare sector – for insurers and service providers. Physiotherapy, patient transport, ambulant services for home care: ZHP.X3 and LEOS handle everything from the claim to approval and case processing down to billing and payment services. This enables over 40 health insurers with around 25 million insured persons and 30,000 connected service providers – pharmacies, medical supply stores, driving and care services – to handle insurance claims completely end to end.

Application performance from the user’s perspective: SLAs for HMM customers

High availability and performance of the online portals is absolutely business-critical for HMM’s customers: Flawless digital processing of insurance claims is guaranteed only if the availability and responsiveness of ZHP.X3 and LEOS are reliable for insurers and service providers in the healthcare sector. For the most important user transactions on the digital platforms, the IT provider has defined adequate response times as well as their threshold values in service level agreements and is obliged to its customers to prove this agreed service quality in regular reports based on independent measurements, explains Jacek Chmielniak, head of IT at HMM Germany.

“We have defined service level agreements with our customers and are obliged to prove this agreed service quality in regular reports based on independent measurements.”

Jacek Chmielniak, IT Manager HMM Deutschland GmbH

Wanted: the perfect in-house solution for end user experience monitoring

Until the end of 2019, an external service provider provided the necessary performance measurement data. Then Mr. Chmielniak and his six-person team decided to run the end-to-end monitoring of the HMM Germany platforms in-house. During their search for a suitable solution, they came across software robotics specialist Servicetrace. The mid-sized German company offers mature, innovative technology with solutions for Robotic Process Automation, Test Automation and End-User Experience Monitoring. The intuitive handling of the Servicetrace software enables users to implement automation projects on their own, eliminating external providers. This was a perfect match for HMM’s requirements profile.

On-demand-Webcast: Digital Experience Monitoring.

Servicetrace Synthetic End-to-end Monitoring at a glance. Including product demo.

Synthetic end-to-end monitoring with Servicetrace software robots

A software robot that operates on a dedicated Windows PC or virtual machine is the technology at the heart all Servicetrace solutions. Using patented high-speed image and pattern recognition together with executing mouse clicks and keyboard input, the Servicetrace software robot operates digital applications on the graphical user interface (GUI). At regular intervals, the software robot executes a series of defined user transactions as a “workflow.” During this process, the robot collects precise data on availability and performance to the millisecond for defined transactions. For example, it can measure the loading times for the company website, monitor the duration of a login at Citrix terminals or check – in the case of HMM – whether and at what speed the online portals of HMM Germany can be accessed by users. The measurement data collected by the software robots is visualized by the connected Servicetrace Reporting in informative performance charts. These charts are, in turn, sent automatically to the customers of HMM Germany via Report Books, a convenient solution for HMM Service Level Management.

Precise end-to-end measurement data at transaction level: Servicetrace Reporting

Easy to use, rapid results

Software becomes truly useful and profitable for companies only when it is easy to use and does not generate additional work that heavily draws on internal resources. This was a key factor in HMM’s decision to opt for synthetic end-to-end monitoring with Servicetrace. “Designing the monitoring workflows with Servicetrace is really as easy as it sounds,” says Mr. Chmielniak, describing the advantages of the solution over comparable providers.

“Designing the monitoring workflows with Servicetrace is really easy as can be.”

Jacek Chmielniak, IT Manager HMM Deutschland GmbH

Conventional monitoring methods require professional knowledge for coding the scripts that the software robots execute automatically. Servicetrace’s Workflow Studio offers an intuitive, graphical and wizard-driven drag-and-drop process that allows any Windows-savvy user to quickly set up monitoring workflows on their own. “After just two to three weeks, the first workflows were ready for operation. Once set up, the whole thing then runs automatically by itself,” says HMM Germany’s Mr. Chmielniak , confirming the advantage of the Servicetrace solution. “With Servicetrace, we can create workflows ourselves and are no longer dependent on an external service provider.”

Delights the IT team at HMM Germany: Simple and fast workflow design for automated software testing and E2E monitoring.

Automating GUI testing with Servicetrace software robots

It was the easy, fast automation process for end-to-end monitoring that convinced the HMM IT team to use the Servicetrace software robots for software testing as well. To provide the best user experience with ZHP.X3 and LEOS for HMM customers, developers at HMM are continuously adding new functions and features to the online portals or customizing the user interfaces. Extensive tests are then required in the software before these changes are applied to the production system and this translates to effort and time. “We want to use test automation to eliminate, or at least minimize, capacity bottlenecks here,” explains Mr. Chmielniak.

“Automation with Servicetrace Software Robotics allows us to make much better use of the limited capacity available at HMM Germany.”

Jacek Chmielniak, IT Manager HMM Deutschland GmbH

At HMM, Servicetrace Software Robots test functionality and performance of new releases of ZHP.X3 and LEOS before go-live. The automated GUI tests that the software robots execute are created in the intuitive Workflow Studio, just like the monitoring projects. In addition, the test automation solution provides a complete suite for easily managing projects, epics, stories, and test cases. “Servicetrace Test Automation is so user-friendly that several colleagues were quickly able to work with it,” says Mr. Chmelniak, very pleased. “Servicetrace confirmed our line of thinking – that the limited capacities at HMM Germany can be put to much better use if suitable tasks and processes are automated.” Mr. Chmielniak is already planning further application scenarios for Servicetrace in the field of Robotic Process Automation.