Software Robotics. Made in Germany.



Our bots recognize content on the screen as quickly, flexibly and accurately as a human.

Intelligent Recognition


It's never been easier to build bots. No-code RPA for business users.

Easy automation



Servicetrace software robots run protected from unauthorized access.

Secure automation



Parallel automations help you scale your RPA landscape quickly, dynamically, and cost-effectively.

Scale automation

Industry Automation is history. Office automation is now!

Robotic Process Automation is a key technology for digital transformation in all industries and across all departments.

Companies and organisations that automate processes with software robots benefit from numerous advantages and increase their competitiveness in a digitalised and globalised market.

Why should I automate office processes?

Increase efficiency

with accelerated and error-free process execution

Digitize seamlessly

with cross-system E2E automation


Improve compliance

with extremely high security standards

Master crisis times

by managing peak loads efficiently

Boost value creation

by automating monotonous tasks

Maximize happiness

by saving time and reducing stress

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